SINOBO Stadium Visiting Rules

Article 1

General Provisions

  1. These Operation Rules represent a directive issued by the owner of the football stadium EDEN ARENA, a.s., organizational unit in the Czech Republic, also called “SINOBO Stadium”, hereinafter referred to as the “Arena” or "Stadium", based at U Slavie 1540/2a, 100 00 Praha 10, laying down the basic binding rules and regulations of conduct of all visitors entering and using the premises of the Stadium.
  2. The Stadium is located in the municipal district of Prague 10 – Vršovice, between the streets of Vladivostocká and Pod Altánem, enclosed at the western side by U Slavie Street.
  3. The purpose of these Operating Rules is namely to secure the protection of health and property at the stadium and, also, to provide the best possible conditions for all events that shall take place at the stadium. The aim of these Operating Instructions is also provision of pleasant sporting and social atmosphere at the stadium. Every visitor, by the virtue of entering any of the events taking place in the Stadium, declares his/her agreement to comply with the conditions and content of these Operating Rules.
  4. The term Visiting Rules has the same meaning as Operating Rules.

Article 2

SINOBO Stadium

  1. The Stadium serves the public to stage various social events (football matches, concerts, etc.). The owner of the stadium, EDEN ARENA, a.s., reserves the exclusive right to decide on the usage and utilization of the stadium.
  2. The public may enter the stadium only with the approval of the owner of the stadium and only at the times stipulated in these Operating Rules or, in special cases, at times determined by another decision of the owner of this stadium and in compliance with the conditions provided in these Operating Rules.
  3. These Operating rules are binding for everyone using the Stadium for the purposes of his/her events based on special contracts concluded for the particular purpose with the EDEN ARENA, a.s. as well as for all guests of personnel mentioned above in this paragraph.
  4. Apart from the owner of the Stadium, the organizational or security agency and, within the framework of their legal authority, the Police of the Czech Republic are allowed to supervise the compliance of these Operating Rules.

Article 3

Stay in SINOBO Stadium

  1. Only persons holding a valid ticket or another certificate allowing the entrance, or persons able to prove their authority to enter by another means, may stay in the Stadium. Everyone staying in the Stadium must, upon the request of the organizational or security agency or the Police of the Czech Republic prove his/her right to stay in the Stadium by presenting a valid ticket or another certificate allowing the entrance. Persons unable to prove their right to stay in the Stadium shall be marched out. The ticket looses its validity upon leaving the Stadium. This also concerns holders of season tickets in regards to the right of entrance for a particular date of the game.
  2. The Stadium is made accessible to the public from at least one hour prior the beginning of the event until one hour following the end of the event, unless determined otherwise by EDEN ARENA, a.s. because of organizational reasons.
  3. The visitors may occupy only the place determined on the ticket for the particular event. The fans and supporters of the visiting team must stay only in the sector designated by the owner of the Stadium and they must obey organizational instructions of the organizing or security agency or the Police of the Czech Republic.
  4. Because of security reasons and to ward off any danger, the visitors must, when requested to do so by the organizing or security agency or the Police of the Czech Republic, take a different places than those stated on their tickets, even, if necessary, in a different sector. The same rule applies for visitors coming after the beginning of the event.
  5. Persons apparently under the influence of alcohol or another habit-forming substance, as well as persons threatening the safety or property of other people shall forfeit their right to stay and the organizing or security agency or the Police of the Czech Republic are authorized to march them out of the premises of the Stadium.

Article 4

Entering the SINOBO Stadium

  1. When entering the Stadium, each visitor must present and, upon the request, submit his/her ticket or another certificate authorizing the entry, to the organizing or security agency for a check.
  2. Counterfeiting, copying or amending tickets is prohibited. The holders of such tickets shall be denied the entry. The tickets may not be exchanged, there are no refunds for tickets bought and paid for. The full wording of rules relating to the usage of the tickets is stated at the reverse side of each legally bought ticket.
  3. Organizing or security agency or the Police of the Czech Republic are authorized to check, even with a use of technical equipment, any person that may, because of suspicion of previous consumption of alcohol or another habit-forming substance, or because of bringing weapons or other dangerous articles or substances creating danger of fire, represent a possible security risk for the particular event. This check includes carried luggage and individual carried items.
  4. It is prohibited to enter the Stadium with objects which could be used to endanger the security and corresponding hinterland of persons and property on the premises of the Stadium. The decision on the ban to enter the Stadium with such objects lies within the responsibility of the organizing or security agency based on the authority given by the owner of the stadium. On individual and special occasions, the ban may be issued by the owner.
  5. Persons unable to prove their right to visit or enter the Stadium, or persons representing security risk within the meaning of these Operating rules are not allowed to enter the Stadium. The same rule applies to persons prohibited from entering such events in the Czech Republic due to their wrongful conduct on similar events in the past. Persons refused the entry are not entitled to any refund for their purchased tickets.
  6. Employees working on the premises of the Stadium may enter anytime.
  7. To enter the premises of the Stadium for the purposes of supplying, the suppliers may use the main entrance through the reception area from U Slavie Street in the centre of the western stand and the entrance from northeast from Vladivostocká Street.
  8. Accredited visitors – journalists may generally enter the stadium two hours before the beginning of the event by their own entrance next to the main entrance to the stadium. It is possible to change this regime based on an agreement between the promoter of the event and the operator of the premises of the Stadium. Particular regime is established upon the nature of the event.
  9. The Organizer is entitled to request visitors to present their identifications at the entrance to the stadium. Information obtained by this way may be systematically used in the event of failure to comply with these Operating Rules.

Special measures to be applied during high risk matches:

  1. The sales of the tickets is carried out based on presentation of identification card (“ID”) and the information on date of birth and the name of the ticket holder is printed on the ticket.
  2. The entrance to the Stadium is allowed upon presenting the ID and the information on the ID must be the same as the information printed on the ticket.

Article 5

Conduct in the SINOBO Stadium

  1. On the premises of the Stadium, the visitors must conduct themselves in the way that would not endanger the safety of other persons and their property as well as the facilities of the Stadium. Furthermore, visitors must not restrain or bother other persons watching the event taking place in the Stadium.
  2. Visitors must comply with regulations and instructions of the organizing or security agency but also of the Police of the Czech Republic, firefighters, rescue service and the announcer.
  3. During their stay in the Stadium, the visitors must respect generally binding rules of proper conduct and good manners, that is, politeness, decency and courtesy, and they must restrain from any demonstration of interpersonal, racial, religious or political intolerance. In case of violation of this provision, the visitor clearly behaving in the forbidden manners may be immediately marched out without prior notice.
  4. All entrances and exits as well as emergency escape routes must be kept free and unobstructed.

Article 6

Prohibitions in the SINOBO Stadium

1. Visitors of the stadium are not allowed to bring into the area of the Stadium the following articles or articles of similar nature or purpose:

a) Racist, abusing, vulgar or propagandistic materials contradictory to good manners,
b) Weapons of any kind, as well as any objects usable as chopping, stabbing or impact weapons,
c) Aerosol cans, caustic, flammable and staining (coloring) substances or any other containers with health influencing substances,
d) Bottles, cups/goblets, jars, cans/tins or other objects made of breakable, splintery or exceptionally hard materials,
e) Cumbersome and bulky objects such as ladders, stools, chairs, boxes or suitcases,
f) Fireworks/squibs, smoke shells and other pyrotechnical articles and devices,
g) Flagpoles and banner posts,
h) Noise making devices with mechanical drive (i.e. vuvuzela,…)
i) Alcoholic beverages and narcotics of all kinds,
j) Animals,
k) Laser pointers,
l) Suitcases, large bags, backpacks or
m) Cameras, camcorders and other equipments designed for the purposes of professional sound or image recording unless expressly approved by the owner of the Stadium.

2. Visitors are also forbidden to:

a) Utter, spread or publicly express racist, abusing, vulgar slogans or images contradictory to good manners,
b) Climb on or over constructions and installations not assumed for general usage such as building facades, fences, walls, playing field barriers, blocks, lighting constructions, camcorders stands, trees, poles of all kinds, and roofs,
c) Enter the space not reserved for visitors (for example playing field, interiors, office building),
d) Throw objects or liquids of any kind at the playing field or into the space for visitors,
e) Start fires, ignite and shoot fireworks or lighting flares,
f) Destroy facilities and equipment of the Stadium
g) Sell tickets and any kind of goods promoting the Stadium brand without approval,
h) Write over, cover with posters or paint the buildings, equipment or roads,
i) Execute any kind of bodily needs outside the public washrooms or pollute the Stadium in any other way namely by littering,
j) Drive on the roads and surfaces without special approval,
k) Use modern technologies to make any kind of sound or video recordings in the Stadium or from the event,
l) Cover the advertising billboards at the stadium by banners, flags or by any other means,
m) Smoke within the entire area of the Stadium,
n) Bring matches, lighters and any other means to start up a fire,
o) Cover the face to make identification impossible.

3. The owner of the Stadium is authorized to request, from anyone breaking the above mentioned prohibitions and restrictions, compensation for damages incurred because of violation of the forbidden conduct, surrender of the object used to cause the damages or induce the detrimental situation, and also settlement of the fine in the minimal amount of 1000,- CZK and in the maximal amount of 50,000,- CZK based on the seriousness of the infringement of the stipulated obligations and subsequent damage and consequences. The owner of the Stadium may provisionally or indefinitely, based on the severity of the infringement, forbid entry to the Stadium to anyone breaking the principles of these operating rules or the above mentioned prohibitions and restrictions.

Article 7

Sales and Advertising

Any entrepreneurial activity, giving out or selling newspapers, magazines, printouts, advertising leaflets as well as storing any kind of objects inside the Stadium is allowed only with explicit written approval by EDEN ARENA, a.s.

Article 8

Rights of the Organizer/Supervision

The holder of the right to perform a function of an organizer is an authorized representative of EDEN ARENA, a.s. During the events this right may also be exercised by organizing or security agency as well as the Police of the Czech Republic.

Article 9

Liability for Damages

  1. All visitors enter and use the Stadium at their own risk.
  2. EDEN ARENA, a.s. is liable only for health and material damages caused by deliberate or highly negligent behavior of its employees or personnel in the similar standing of paid employment.
  3. Accidents with bodily injury and damages must be immediately reported to the organizer of the event or to EDEN ARENA, a.s.

Article 10

Conduct contrary to the Regulations

  1. Persons violating provisions of these Visiting Rules may be expelled from the Stadium without refund and submitted to the entrance ban. The same rule applies to any person under the influence of alcohol or habit forming substances. Should a suspicion from criminal offence or other misdemeanor arise, criminal charges may be filed.
  2. Provisions of the first paragraph of this article exclude any claims (for example refund of admission charges) against EDEN ARENA, a.s. or the organizer of the event.
  3. The rights of the organizer are not affected.

Article 11

Entry into force

  1. These Visiting Rules enter into force on September 21, 2015.
  2. In case of football matches of Champions League or UEFA Cup these Rules are supplemented by valid international rules of UEFA to which these matches are fully subjected.
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