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2.轮次, 周日 2017年8月6日, Městský stadion v Ostravě-Vítkovicích
2.轮次, 周日 2017年8月6日, Městský stadion v Ostravě-Vítkovicích
奥斯特拉发足球俱乐部 - 斯拉维亚足球俱乐部
All three summer foreign reinforcements – Danny, Halil Altintop and Rotaň – started side by side in the midfield for the very first time in the competitive game. And they were the ones to create most of the Slavia chances.

Eleven minutes into the game Jakub Jugas missed the post with his header. Just two minutes later, Danny prepared near-to-perfect shooting position for ex-Baník defender Michal Frydrych who missed close with his volley.

The biggest chance for Baník came at minute 22. Deli deflected the long cross just to the no-man’s land on the brink of the penalty area, trying to clear the ball Laštůvka punched it away just to hit Baroš’ hand and former Liverpool striker sent the ball into the open net. Luckily for Slavia, his goal was disallowed due to the abovementioned handball.

Slavia was close to the leading goal at minute 41 when Tomáš Souček fired his shot from behind the penalty area hitting the far post.

Even closer to reaching the desired goal was Muris Mešanovič after the break. Baník defence deflected another Frydrych’s shot just to find Mešanovič inside the penalty area but our striker missed wide firing the ball over the crossbar.

At minute 63 Ruslan Rotaň sent his free-kick precisely close to the left post but Baník goalkeeper Vašek denied him with a perfect save.

After 73 minutes Slavia equalised on disallowed goals. After Deli’s cross Danny found himself unprotected inside the penalty area and headed the ball into the net, however his joy was interrupted by the linesman after a tight offside.

The end of the game saw Slavia pressing trying to break Baník defence. At minute 80 Mick van Buren headed the ball missing the near post. Eight minutes later it was van Buren again who dribbled through the penalty area finding Danny in a good position, the Portuguese midfielder’s shot denied by Vašek.

Slavia has 4 points after 2 league games which means 5th position in the league table.

Next game: Slavia v Vysočina Jihlava, Sat 12th August, 6 pm, Eden Arena.



Vašek – Breda, Šindelář, Pokorný, Sus – Granečný, Hlinka, Hrubý, Stáňa (60. De Azavedo) – Poznar (74. Šašinka), Baroš (86. Panič)


Laštůvka – Frydrych, Jugas, Deli, Bořil – Souček – Danny, Altintop (78. van Buren), Rotaň, Zmrhal (46. Švento) – Mešanovič (64. Škoda)


YC: Hlinka, Sus – Danny, Frydrych, Škoda
Referee: Příhoda – Moláček, Koval